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Add a drizzle of Ashbolt elderberry syrup to soda or mineral water for a great non alchoholic pink champagne alternative.

ASHBOLT Elderflower Recipes

Elderflower Sparkling: Serve chilled in champagne glasses for the whole family. Add gin or vodka for an alcoholic twist or add to champagne or white wine. For non-alcoholic drinks: Mix about 1 in 10 (or to taste) with sparkling or still water and serve in champagne glasses for a delicious and sophisticated alternative to alcohol.

Delicious in Desserts

  • Use Elderflower Concentrate neat as a garnish on desserts, or pureed with dark berries.
  • Drizzle over ice-cream, plain yoghurt and pancakes.
  • Add a ‘zing’ to fruit salad.
  • Use in sorbets or jellies – the sparkling can be substituted for champagne in jellies.
  • We recommend a couple of drops of Elderflower Concentrate added to ASHBOLT olive oil for an amazing salad dressing.
  • Pour a little Concentrate down the back of a salmon for a truly delicious flavour.
  • Help to plump up dried fruit.
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