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Elderberry juice (Sambucus nigra) not only stimulates the immune system, but also directly inhibits the influenza virus.


Although the health benefits of elderberries have been acknowledged throughout history and in recent clinical research, ASHBOLT cannot make any claims to the effectiveness of our syrup in treating a range of ailments, especially flu. We are not large enough to undertake substantiated studies and research. We can, however, claim that our ASHBOLT Elderberry tastes great!

The wide range of medicinal benefits (assistance in treating colds, flu and asthma, allergies, diabetes and weight loss) is possibly due to the elderberry’s high anti-oxidant properties and capacity to build the immune system.

Historically, both elderflowers and elderberries were given to build the immune system and prevent colds and flu.

A recent Norwegian study has shown that elderberry juice (Sambucus nigra) not only stimulates the immune system, but also directly inhibits the influenza virus. The active ingredients in the elderberry were found to halt the spread of the virus by disarming the enzyme responsible for attacking the cell walls.

The study, reported in The Journal of International Medical Research, showed that on average, flu patients given the elderberry extract recovered within 3.1 days compared to 7.1 days for those given the placebo. Researchers found that the patients who took the elderberry extract also had higher levels of antibodies against the flu virus.

A previous study published by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that nearly 90 per cent of flu patients given elderberry extract were completely free of symptoms within two to three days, as compared to at least six days with a placebo.

Proven protection against influenza

Elderberry has been proven effective against eight different influenza viruses. The study indicated that it may provide protection against a wide range of flu viruses, solving the problem of the “mutating flu”, because most strains of the virus use the same enzyme mechanism to penetrate cells.

High in Vitamin C

Whilst the properties of elders have long been touted, it is not intended that it be taken as a substitute for a flu vaccine. Please consult your doctor.

However, unlike most over the counter cough medications, it does have the benefit of being alchohol and preservative free, has a fabulous taste, and can be safely given to young children.

Elderberry Syrup is very high in Vitamin A and C and bioflavinoids, and may be taken as a prophylactic against winter colds.

If taking for colds and flu, consume ASHBOLT Elderberry Syrup neat, or mix one teaspoon in soda or hot water to taste. Take a little every hour or so until the worst symptoms of the cold pass, then as often as you wish. If in any doubt, please consult your doctor.

Natural Support for Arthritis

The diuretic and anti-inflammatory activity of elderberries helps explain its use in rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Regulating bowel activity

Elderberries as a syrup have a long-established effect in regulating bowel activity, moderating extremes of diarrhoea and constipation.

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