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Add a drizzle of Ashbolt elderberry syrup over roasted meat to give a wonderful gourmet glaze

ASHBOLT Elderberry in the Kitchen

Ashbolt Elderberry Syrup's greatest attribute in the kitchen is the intensity of colour and flavour it brings to any dish.

For meat and desserts

  • as a glaze in the final stage of cooking roast meats – duck, lamb, beef, pork or in stews, shanks or Bolognese.
  • drizzle over barbeque meat – best exhibited on a white plate to display its glowing colour.
  • drizzle on desserts – cheesecakes, icecream, yoghurt.
  • drizzle on fresh fruit – strawberries, raspberries etc; on pancakes or crepes. Marinate chopped strawberries with equal parts elderberry and gin / vodka.
  • in a sorbet or jelly; with apple or pear in an elderberry syrup tart or serve with apple crumble.

In non-alcoholic drinks

  • take neat with crushed ice.
  • with warm water (mix to taste) for a high anti-oxidant pick-me-up – add fresh cloves or ginger if desired.
  • add to soda or mineral water.

With alcohol

  • swirl in a cocktail with sparkling wine.
  • add to gin, vodka, brandy or Campari – add soda water or tonic water as desired.
  • Create your own recipes or look to English or Continental European cookbooks for elderberry favourites.

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