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About ASHBOLT Farm.

One of the reasons ASHBOLT products win awards is due to the way we grow our products

To nurture the soil, we use the clear clean water from the Derwent River and hundreds of tonnes of organic compost, seaweed fertilisers and nutrient-rich cover crops which we mulch back into tree rows.

Our unfinished goal is to drought-proof the farm, establishing efficient irrigation systems and shelter belts in each paddock and ultimately achieving a vibrant, relatively self-sufficient ecosystem.

We believe that the answer to the high quality and multi-medal winning status of our produce lies in the attention to detail and the particular ‘terroir’ (the interrelation between the trees, the terrain, the soil and its climate).

Unique Products

The special colour and unique taste of our oil very much comes from the land and the way we farm it, producing a vastly different technical and physical product than that produced by others.

The elderflower has a complex depth of flavours and the freshness and cleanness on the palate which cannot be replicated in any synthetic-based product and draws from the particular varietals, the land and our cool climate.

“Nurturing the land“ for us is not a cliché, it is a system of very structured and carefully planned farming practices that enrich the soil and enhances the depth of flavour of our products. You can actually taste the difference!

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