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Ashbolt Farm Double 6 Pack

  • 2 x 6 187ml pack 

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  • Unit Type: 12 pack

Impress and delight with the Ashbolt Farm 2 x 6 Pack containing 4 gift boxes and 2 bottles each of our:

  • "World’s best" elderflower salad dressing - perfect for mixed leaf salad, avocado, salmon and steamed vegetables.
  • Elderberry salad dressing - great for warm lamb, tuna, duck or red meat salads, rice salads or couscous.
  • Elderberry and tarragon marinade - stunning with chicken or turkey left overs, BBQs, char-grilled veg, tofu and bean dishes.
  • Elderflower Concentrate – so versatile, for cocktails, mocktails, fold through whipped cream, drizzle over the pavlova or seasonal strawberries.
  • Elderberry Concentrate - again for cocktails, in gravies, marinate strawbs with it, gin or vodka; and
  • Cool-climate, multi-award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for drizzling, dressing or dipping and dunking. 

Two full gorgeous 187ml range samplers including our multi-GOLD Medal winning products. 

All Ashbolt Farm products are gluten, preservative, additive and colouring free. 


Ashbolt Farm Double 6 Pack

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