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Olive Oil - Ashbolt Extra Virgin 250ml

  • Cool Climate EV Cold Pressed 

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    GST (inclusive):$0.00    Aug 2017 Harvest
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ASHBOLT EXTRA VIRGIN premium Cool Climate Olive oIl.  Harvested Aug 2017.

A very special oil for those interested in the best food and wine; an oil that will impress and will set the benchmark for comparing other oils.  Pungent and peppery, yet well balanced and deep green. It is full of floral herb notes reminiscent of freshly mown hay.  An exciting oil, one that will be noticed when added to your salads or dips and drizzled over your soups.    

Our 'every day' olive oil - for nutrition and flavour.  

Olive Oil - Ashbolt Extra Virgin 250ml

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