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Ashbolt Olive Oil displays all the characteristics of quality virgin olive oil with its rich iridescent green colour and beautiful flavour and aroma.


Its distinguishing sensory characteristics

Like a cool climate wine, cool climate olive oils can have a wonderful complexity and depth of flavour.

Our oil is a vivid iridescent green, and one of only a few oils in Australia that achieves this distinctive green colour.

Its nose is sweet, fruity, fresh and complex – with hints of fresh mown grass and apples that is typical of the predominant varietal we use. With a crushed-velvet mouth feel, it has a complex, clean, fresh fruity flavour profile right across the palate (exhibiting no fatty residues). In every year, we strive and are successful in creating a balanced oil – balancing fruit, bitterness and mild chilli-like pungency that leaves a tingle on the lips and a flavour that lingers in the throat and mouth for hours. A real WOW factor.

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This vivid rich colour, nose and flavour are achieved by:

The Tasmanian climate

Our farm is located in central Southern Tasmania, in one of the coolest micro climates in Tasmania. The unusual combination of cooler temperatures in winter and longer sunlight hours in summer (because of the lower latitudes) is enhanced by access to some of the cleanest water and freshest air in the world.

Our Farm Practices

We enrich the soil with organic fertilisers and minerals and implement advanced micro management techniques throughout the growing, harvest and processing of the olives.


Grove orientation, soil type and typography, the rainfall, and microclimate – all these add up to an environment which provides distinctive and unique flavoursome products.

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