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Suggestions for using ASHBOLT Olive Oil

We are often asked for suggestions for where to use our olive oil. Our response is invariably – wherever you use a good quality olive oil (substitute everywhere), except when creating dishes with a very delicate flavour, due to the delightful robustness of our oil.

Contemporary Australian Cuisine and lifestyles are moving towards a reduction in the use of saturated fats. Our olive oil, rich in mono-unsaturated fats and anti-oxidants, provides the perfect alternative.

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ASHBOLT Olive Oil serving suggestions

  • On salads everyday
  • On your morning toast with sliced tomatoes and cracked pepper and sea salt
  • As a dipping oil, with or without dukka or freshly ground sea salt
  • In place of butter (high in saturated fat)
  • A drizzle on steamed vegies just before serving
  • On roasted vegies for a healthier and more flavoursome twist
  • For roasting cherry tomatoes in the oven with garlic, rosemary and olive oil
  • In salad rolls for lasting flavour in the mouth
  • On pasta - a speedy dinner is crushed garlic, basil or other herb, roasted cherry tomatoes, tossed into a hot pot of pasta.
  • Add ASHBOLT Olive Oil, parmesan and serve as a special finish to a dinner party soup.

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