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The Ashbolt farm benefits from the rich soils of Tasmania's Derwent Valley

The ASHBOLT Philosophy.

Our Passion. Our produce

Our commitment is to continue to search for ways to improve our picturesque farm and the quality of the food it produces. For us, food is about connections to the land, to the intense, heart-swelling pleasure that growing and creating things provides.

A small warning though: Our products are wonderfully addictive. A vast number of our customers use comments such as “hooked for life” or “addicted to” when they purchase more products.

Our products provide a real foodie experience, so superbly different in all respects. Once tasted, it is difficult to find substitutes. We hope we can entice you into sharing our lifetime commitment to this Tasmanian good food experience.

A Passion for Olive Oil

We still have a very long way to go in Australia before the general public appreciate the special qualities of premium olive oils. Fine wine producers were in a similar position 20 odd years ago, with many people content to drink cask wine of indifferent quality.

Only recently, I marvelled at an in-depth five minute conversation between a coffee lover specifying his favourite brew and a barista in a local café. This would have been inconceivable ten years ago. I see the day when people will pay the same attention to good olive oil, to understanding and demanding high quality oils as an essential and enjoyable component of everyday life.

The discovery of the differences a quality olive oil can bring, not only to your health, but to the flavour of food is yet to happen. It is exciting though to watch as one by one, people are “converted”.

The joy in tasting quality olive oils, for us, is greater than the joy of tasting good wines!

The Ashbolt Brand

As part of increasing the value of what we do on ASHBOLT Farm, and because we are so passionate about the creation of beautiful things, we began to develop a brand for our value-added products.

This has evolved over the decade into the ASHBOLT brand. We wanted something that reflected our rural base, something strong and dynamic and beautiful – it had to be something that we would be proud to give as presents. We wanted the quality of the contents reflected in the packaging.

And so, our family name became the brand name and the flowers of the olives, elders and apples became the uniting graphic on the individual bottles. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to all the other things we might one day create/produce under this brand.

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