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Elderflower Recipes

Annie’s Relaxing Elderflower Tea
Stunning as a winter morning’s de-tox, or great before bed for a relaxing night’s sleep.
‘Drink of the Angels’ ™

  • delicious and refreshing, with a lychee like floral flavour
  • clean-on-the-palate
  • great for chilly mornings and relaxing as an evening drink
  • an alternative to dried herbal teas or caffeine.
  • known for millennia as “the medicine chest of the country folk”
  • was traditionally used as a detox and to treat colds and flu

Louise's Watermelon and Elderflower Cooler
I have been buying the concentrate for some weeks now - brilliant to help me got over stressful times at work Whilst I havent played with the alcoholic mixes you mention - here is one that I (and everyone I have got to try it) loves it.
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