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Justin Harris's Beef Carpaccio with pickled horseradish cornicorns and Ashbolt Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A delectable way to enjoy this classic dish

Justin Harris



Step 1

Trim beef and roll tightly in cling wrap
Refrigerate for at least three hours
Coarsely grate horseradish and add bay leaves and peppercorns

Step 2

Bring vinegars, sugar, and salt to the boil
Pour over horseradish and cool
Sliced cornicorns and set aside
Remove beef and slice thinly
Combine pickled horseradish, cornicorns and salad herbs and mix well

Step 3

Arrange beef on serving plates laying flat and season to taste
Top with salad mix and drizzle with the olive oil
Serve immediately with a glass of chilled Rose or light bodied Pinot Noir.

Submitted by: deb quartararo

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