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Sour Cherry Value Sampler

The best way to get more Sour Cherry for less! Our Sour Cherry Value Sampler is just $88 (save $9) and includes:

6 x bottles of Sour Cherry Cold Pressed Juice 250mlthe first product created in this range, ready to drink and made from the free-run of our pressing. 100% sour cherries. Nothing else.
2 x bottles of Sour Cherry Cold Pressed Unfiltered Juice 375mlthe 'good stuff' left behind after we take off the clearer juice. Decadently thicker, more like a Coulis or sauce. 100% sour cherries. Nothing else.
2 x bottles of Sour Cherry Mulled Spice Sauce 200mlour latest baby.
This delicious sauce is fabulous poured over desserts, or added to soda, sparkling wine or your favourite spirits. The taste of a European Christmas!


What do Sour Cherries taste like?
Sour cherries are, well, tart. Busting with antioxidants, this delicate and rare fruit has a unique sweet-sour flavour that is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Bright, fruity and incredibly tangy, yet sweet, they add a real zing to any dish and perfectly balance the sweetness of desserts such as pavlova.

Why are Sour Cherries so good for you?
Sour Cherries have high concentration of anthocyanins, a type of polyphenol in the flavonoid family. Studies on these super-fruits have included research on arthritis and gout, exercise recovery, sleep, heart health and gut health.

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