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Sour Cherry

Party Drinks - 3 x 375ml

Just add soda, serve on ice, or mix with gin, vodka or sparkling wine. Add lime or lemon or mix up your favourite summer cocktail. Or use as a health tonic to help get you through winter relatively unscathed.

Our Party Drinks pack contains:

One bottle each of our NEW 100% Cold Pressed Unfiltered Sour Cherry Juice (No Added Sugar), our deliciously Australian Wattle Cordial and our Original Elderflower Concentrate. 

3 x 375ml bottles to brighten your day with a boost of flavour. 

100% Sour Cherry Unfiltered Juice

Just like a Coulis, this amazingly fresh product is excitingly tart, crisp and clean flavoured with a stunning rich cherry-red colour. Perfect for desserts, adding to a glass of sparkling wine or water, or mixing into your favourite cocktail. Or drink neat for a delicious dose of daily antioxidants.

Wattle Cordial

Made using a traditional French recipe and wattle blossoms from our farm, this delightful not-too-sweet drink has distinctive fresh, floral and citrus notes, with gorgeous cinnamon spice-like undertones. 

Elderflower concentrate

Our Elderflower concentrate features a unique and delicate flavour with nuances of a sparkling wine, a mild ginger beer, lychees, flowers, lemons and cider.

Our Elderflower Concentrate has won multiple Gold Medals in the Wrest Point Fine Food Awards and a "National Champion" Award.

Want more information about the health benefits of Elderflower and Sour Cherry?

Have a look at our & our Elderflower health benefits post. Both can help with common cold & flu symptoms and support your immune system and a range of other ailments. But don't let that get in the way of great tasting products!

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