Ashbolt Farm Tasmania - The Home of Australian Grown elderberries

A warm hug from Ashbolt Farm

Ward off the blues with our delicious "Treat Yourself" Elderberry Pack. 

Nothing lifts the soul like a restorative elder tea, making it the closest thing to a nurturing hug that we can send to you right now.  This pack features our NEW freeze-dried Elderberry powder and three of our top elderberry and elderflower products.   Elderberries, one of Mother Nature's superfoods. 

Buy this pack of 4 products from our “no added sugar” range for only $88.50

  1. NEW freeze-dried elderberry powder (100g)
  2. Elderberry & Manuka Syrup (100ml)
  3. Elderberry No Added Sugar Concentrate (375ml)
  4. Elderflower No Added Sugar Concentrate (375ml)

All grown on our beautiful farm here in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania