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Easter Special Priced Packs

Gift box size and style

Easter Special Priced Packs

Enjoy Easter with a basket filled with these limited time offers.

100% natural. 100% Tasmanian.

Offer 1: 3 x 375 ml Drinks Pack 

Easter Drinks to gift and entertain. Includes:

  • 1 Elderflower Concentrate 375ml
  • 1 Elderberry Concentrate No Added Sugar 375ml 
  • 1 Wattle Cordial 375ml
  • 1 gift box with gift card
  • $48.50

Greet your guests on arrival with a delicious Champagne Cocktail or Soda Stream Spritzer and make the perfect holiday beverage using our 3 x 375ml triple drinks mixer pack.

Whether it is an Elderflower Hugo, Wattle Flower Margarita, Elderberry Vodka Mixer or a jug of summery soda punch - entertain with ease. Recipe card provided.

Offer 2: 4 x 187 ml Gourmet Pack 

Easter Dressings Pack for memorable meals. Includes:

  • 1 Elderflower Salad Dressing 187ml 
  • 1 Elderberry Vinegar 187ml
  • 1 Elderberry Marinade  187ml
  • 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 187ml
  • 1 gift box with gift card
  • $42.50

Add zing to salads, create chicken in elderberry vinegar sauce, marinate BBQ meats or use our delicious marinade to stir-fry mushrooms or when cooking roast pumpkin salads. And we can never get enough of our Cool Climate, robust green extra virgin olive oil.

A special pack for Easter giving or to create great meals you will be proud to share this Easter.

Wishing you health and happiness this Easter.

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