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Wattle Cordial 375ml - 50% OFF! - CLOSE TO BEST BEFORE DATE


**Our Wattle Cordial has a best before date of 30/6/22. It still has plenty of life left in it, and will drink beautifully even after the best before date. Get in quick at this bargain price!**

Made using a traditional French recipe and wattle blossoms from our farm, 

this delightful not-too-sweet drink has distinctive fresh, floral and citrus notes, with gorgeous cinnamon spice-like undertones.

Ideas to Use Wattle Cordial

Also known as acacia flower syrup, Wattle Cordial brings a uniquely Australian flavour to drinks and desserts.

  • Create the ultimate Aussie Pavlova with Wattle Cordial swirled though whipped cream
  • Mix with Soda Water and a slice of lime.
  • Use in your favourite summer cocktails - add gin, vodka or sparkling wine.
  • Use neat as a garnish on desserts.
  • Drizzle over ice-cream, plain yoghurt and pancakes.
  • Add a ‘zing’ to fruit salad.
  • Use in sorbets or jellies .
  • Add to oysters for a real 'Australian' flavour.

Why do we use a French Recipe for an Australian Flower?

Wattle was introduced to France after the French Explorer and botanist Baudin returned from his expedition to Australia. Known as "mimosa" this fragrant flower flourished in Provence.  It is now cultivated and the cut flowers are sold throughout France and abroad. Every year  people travel to see the "Route de Mimosa" in glorious flower. 

Our Wattle Cordial is 100% natural. 100% Tasmanian  

Ingredients: Fresh Wattle Flowers, Lemons, Sugar and Water.

Like everything we make, Ashbolt Wattle Cordial is free of additives, artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. We're committed to sustainable, organic farming and use only pristine highland water from the Derwent River.

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