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Ashbolt First Harvest Extra Virgin - 2023 SOLD OUT

Our 2023 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold out! Online ordering is closed. If you’d like to be on our exclusive wait list to secure a bottle next season, please go to our Home Page and scroll to the bottom to register.

Our signature, limited edition, early harvest extra virgin oil is the essence of Ashbolt Farm. First Harvest continues Ashbolt Farm's history of highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For nearly a decade now, this special edition oil has sold out during or shortly after the pre-order period. The loyalty and growth of our Ashbolt First Harvest following expands with each year and fills us with the excitement of each season's harvest.

Why is it so good? 

The first oil of the season is known overseas as Olio Nuovo (new oil) and heralds the new season's oils. Bottled only once a year, it is picked ‘early’, before the olives have a chance to fully ripen.  Ashbolt First Harvest is our “Olio Nuovo”, and we are now taking orders!

Literally ‘fresh off the press’, Olio Nuovo is potentially the healthiest extra virgin olive oil, delivering higher level of polyphenols and antioxidants. Add to that the proven additional health benefits provided by olives grown in a cool climate and in varietals that are low yielding (it takes nearly 6kg of olives to make one bottle of this magnificent oil) all adds up to something pretty special!

This oil is our pride and joy. 
Intense. Bursting with freshness.
And yet, smooth as silk in the mouth.
There’s nothing like it!

The flavour and aroma combine in a heavenly, heady confusion that finishes with a delightful peppery zing.

Perfect for pasta, bruschetta, dipping, salads and soups, our Limited Edition will highlight any dish you prepare.

Available in a 500ml bottle.

Limited Edition Release

We cannot reiterate enough. Because our First Harvest is now receiving almost a 'cult' following, it sells out quickly and so is not sold in store. Our limited edition is only available direct from Ashbolt.


Our First Harvest oil has a long history of being a Gold Medal Winner, including Australia's premier awards - The Australian International Olive Awards.

With a legacy of Gold Medals dating back 22 years(!) and many Champion Olive Oil and Best of Show Gold Medals, this is our flagship cool-climate extra-virgin oil, that is our pride and joy. 

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