Ashbolt Farm Tasmania - The Home of Australian Grown elderberries

The History of Ashbolt Farm

A Lifetime Commitment

Ashbolt Farm has been in the Ashbolt Family since 1906, when Robert's maternal great grandfather Cecil Walker fell in love with this land and established a family retreat and apple orchard here. 

An excerpt from Cecil's diary reads

"As it developed we became very attached to the place, and have happy memories of lazy afternoons spent on the lawns shaded from the heat of the sun by one of the many scented limes, while we entertained our friends at tea.

Through the leafy branches of oaks and elms we could catch glimpses of the the clear waters of the broad Derwent flowing serenely by, reflecting on its placid surface many a green hop field and fertile orchard as it made its way to our nearest village three miles below"

derwent valley

The current custodians, Robert and Anne Ashbolt have been caring for this farm since 1980, and have a high-value, low-impact, sustainable approach to farm practices. 

The first olive grove was planted in the late 1990's followed by an elder grove to expand the existing orchard of heritage fruit trees.