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Thanks for the safe delivery of your beautifully packaged products for our staff.  The gift bags in red and green created a wonderfully festive atmosphere, and now we’re all very much looking forward to sampling the olive oil and sour cherry juice.  It’s been great dealing with you. Our staff Christmas presents have never looked more inviting! 

Ruth, Company Operations Manager 
Chatswood NSW

"...especially the best olive oil it has been my pleasure to taste, and also some superb Elderflower concentrate. The brand name of these two products is Ashbolt - they are a very small firm, like ourselves, but you can taste the purity and difference in their products. They are located in Tasmania, that tiny island just off the south coast of this enormous one."

Charmaine Solomon, Renowned cook and author: The Complete Asian Cookbook, which after 30 years is still in print and in demand.


"Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order which arrived this morning. Now I can settle back over winter and have a nice relaxing drink of Tassie’s goodness.

Last year, when on holiday, I bought a bottle of your concentrate at your stall and was lucky enough to get one of your gift packs from my daughter for Christmas."

Sue, expat Hobartian


"Just have to say thank you so much for the nectar of the gods. You couldn't call the Ashbolt stuff something as common as olive oil. We sampled some a couple of days after you left ... We all thought we had died and gone to heaven!

We then had some more on the occasion of our nephew's wedding. We came up with the perfect plan. Pack the esky with pre-mixed cocktails and Ashbolt olive oil with turkish bread and dukkah. We sat in a park next to the Nerang River with a view to Surfers and watched the parade of million dollar boats passing on the river ... mmmmm."

Kate and Dave, QLD


"I've been too blissed out to respond.........My box arrived and was ripped open at the PO counter to show them why I was so excited!! They were very interested, and stunned by my enthusiasm, given that the product was non-alcoholic.....!!

I'm well into the first bottle, and the rest is under lock and key............. Thanks again, for your service (quick and safely packaged), and for making this amazing product!!"

Amanda B, Caulfield North VIC


"I have a firm conviction that Elderberry works, especially when a cold is present. Four years ago I had a nasty bout of viral A flu, couldn't shake the cough and felt miserable for 3 weeks, worst dose of the flu I can remember. I got hold of some Elderberry syrup and started taking it along with jellybox honey, and it zapped it within days of using it, so I have been convinced ever since that it works marvellously and haven't had a serious cold since. The minute I have a sign of a sore throat coming on I get onto it immediately and it just disappears almost overnight."

Marilyn T


"I LOVE your Elderflower Concentrate. I first tried Elderflower in the UK and have sampled many elderflower products since, and I can honestly say that your concentrate is the best that I have ever tried." 

Kathy H, Launceston TAS


"We would like to know if it is possible to have the "ELDERFLOWER CONCENTRATE" (we refer to it as Heaven in a Bottle), piped directly to the house so we could have it on tap??? If this is not possible would you kindly email me the postage costs?"

Roxanne, Montrose Tasmania


"Your olive oil continues to blow me away; it is simply the best I've had!"

Steve M, Sydney 


"Your Elderflower Cordial is D I V I N E!! A bottle was given as a present to me from a friend who had bought some at Salamanca."

Amelia M, Sydney 


"My brother-in-law and I visited Australia in October, and while wandering the Hobart market, I picked up a bottle of your elderflower concentrate. As a child in England, my grandmother used to make elderflower wine in the summer, and to this day I remember what a special flavour it had, which is why I had to buy the bottle, despite this being the first day of my vacation, and knowing I'd have to carry it for the next 17 days.

In October the next year, I opened the bottle to celebrate the anniversary of my trip, and because we had an Australian dinner guest. To my amazement and delight, it was *exactly* as I remembered it from 40 years ago (I mixed it with sparkling water to make the wine). But just three weeks later it is gone again (too many friends to share it with). I can't imagine another 40 years without it, plus my sweetheart has already become addicted. How am I going to replenish my supply?

Thank you for the trip down memory lane, and for bringing pleasure to all the folks we honoured with a sample--everybody loved it.

PS, Claudia thanks you for having no preservatives, flavours or colours, which meant that she could become as addicted as I am!"

Richard T, Stow, MA, USA


"I love it – it gives me goosebumps just smelling it. I just have to have some to take home with me."

Peter Furness (chef) Booktalk Café Richmond, TAS


"My brother lives in Tassie and recently brought me some of your Elderflower Concentrate... Wow! What an amazing product!"

Nathan B, Wollongong, NSW


"I purchased a 250ml bottle of your olive oil on the weekend and I think I'm in love! What an amazing product. Am I able to purchase larger bottles and a quantity?

Paul C, Hobart Tas


"We are just about out of the concentrate and wondered if we can buy more in Melbourne. This drink has become a firm favourite with the whole family."

Susanne B, Melbourne, VIC


"I bought a bottle of your olive oil at the Salamanca market last Saturday. My wife and I rushed straight home with a loaf of fresh bread for dipping and had the most wonderful lunch. Your olive oil has the most amazing texture and taste. At the Salamanca stall Annie gave me a taste of oil with a drop of the Elderberry syrup (I think) - absolutely beautiful. It has given me an idea for a recipe - a warm salad of roasted sweet potato and onion, with chopped pistachios, rocket, and your oil/syrup dressing. I just need to summon the energy to fight the crowds at the markets to get to your stall again!

When we moved to Tasmania about 5 years ago we had lunch at a restaurant in New Norfolk, and we had bread dipped in olive oil for starters. We thought the oil was great and asked the staff what type it was. They told us it was from a local farm. We realize now that it must have been your oil!

I don't normally write emails like this, but I just wanted to say thanks for producing such wonderful food.

John, Tasmania


"During my visit to beautiful Tasmania we visited Hobart's famous Salamanca Markets. Amongst the stalls we found a new product: Elderflower Concentrate. I purchased a bottle for its wonderful flavour. I have suffered from chronic IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for many years and could not relieve any of the symptoms. Taking the concentrate in water daily it has relieved most if not all the symptoms.

I hope it will help my mothers arthritic joint inflammation. Fantastic product. Keep up the good work.

Anna R, East Brunswick, VIC


"Thank you so much for my Elderflower Sparkling and Concentrate order. It is a birthday gift for my wife who recently tried some of your elderflower products at the Hobart food market. She will be thrilled!"

Chris S, Canberra


"Whoohoo received my goodies today thanks heaps for your great customer service. I'll be back!"

Irene M, Victoria


"Thanks to you and your team for helping me stock up on your great olive oil

When we started to run out, after purchasing a small bottle from your Salamanca Market stall, we were regretting not buying a larger bottle. We like to mix it with a little balsamic vinegar and splash it our salads.

I searched for the Ashbolt website and found it easy to place an order which was quickly followed up by your friendly team with an email then a phone call to fine tune a couple of things and within days I received my package. It should be a great surprise gift for my wife’s upcoming birthday."

Adam W, Sunshine Coast QLD


"My friends came back from work and I made them do a taste test. No competition really -- hands down yours won!  They want to buy a bottle.

I can't wait to taste your new lemon mix and just about anything you grow!

Linda Z, Tasmania


"I just want to tell you I bought the elderflower concentrate, salad dressing and the elderberry salad dressing from your stall at the Salamanca markets in November.  On Christmas Day I made prosecco with a dash of the concentrate plus 3 frozen raspberries as a special drink. That was a great success. For the non-alcoholic ones I mixed a dash of concentrate with soda water, pre-made blackcurrant ice cubes, a dash of fresh lime and mint. The salad dressings were also a hit.

You have beautiful products.

Aileen J, Mid North coast of NSW

"We were introduced to the health benefits of elderberry some three years
ago by our local pharmacist in WA, who insisted that all his staff use it as a preventive, given their exposure.

Our whole extended family now uses it at the first sign of, or any exposure to,
colds or ‘flu and we use 6 bottles on average, per year."

Paul S, Western Australia


"Thank you so much! Been craving the elderflower this whole pregnancy!"

Jemma J, NSW