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Elderberry Natural Support Pack

Looking for a natural way to boost your immunity? Elderberry's traditional reputation is as a "cold and flu" superfood, with nearly 3 times the antioxidant value of cranberries or blueberries. Its health benefits have been acknowledged throughout history and in recent clinical research. 

Along with a healthy diet, taking Elderberry daily is a natural (and delicious!) way to support our body's immune response and aid in protection against and recovery from colds and flu.

Elderberry can help to:
- support immune response 
- reduce length and severity of colds
- aid in recovery after illness
- support respiratory health
- aid arthritis and joint health
- regulate bowel activity and promote gut health

Our Special Price Elderberry Natural Support Pack includes:
2 x Elderberry Concentrate No Added Sugar 375ml
2 x Elderberry & Manuka Syrup 100ml 

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