Ashbolt Farm Tasmania - The Home of Australian Grown elderberries

Our Favourite Mixers

Mix up a storm with three of our Ashbolt favourites. These all lend themselves beautifully to hot or cold drinks, with or without added alcohol, or with sweet or savoury food. Did someone say versatile?

Just add soda, serve on ice, or mix with gin, vodka or sparkling wine. Add lime or lemon or mix up your favourite summer cocktail. Or use as a health tonic to help get you through winter relatively unscathed.

This pack contains:

1 x Wattle Flower Cordial 375ml
1 x Elderflower Concentrate 375ml
1 x Elderberry Concentrate 375ml

Wattle Flower Cordial

Our own take on a traditional French recipe using hand-picked wattle blossoms from our farm, this delightfully crisp cordial has distinctive fresh, floral and citrus notes, with gorgeous cinnamon spice-like undertones. 

Elderflower concentrate

Our Elderflower concentrate features a unique and delicate flavour with nuances of a sparkling wine, a mild ginger beer, lychees, flowers, lemons and cider.

Our Elderflower Concentrate has won multiple Gold Medals in the Wrest Point Fine Food Awards and a "National Champion" Award.

Elderberry Concentrate

Our Elderberry Concentrate (also called Elderberry Syrup or Glaze) is a stunning rich ruby-red syrup with a deep chocolate berry flavour. Elderberry can be used in the kitchen, and is also renowned for its health benefits, perfect to help you through the cold and flu season.

Want more information about the health benefits of Elderberry & Elderflower?

Have a look at our Elderberry health benefits post & our Elderflower health benefits post. It can help with common cold & flu symptoms and support your immune system

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