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Our Elderberry Concentrate (also called Elderberry Syrup or Glaze) is a stunning rich ruby-red syrup with a deep chocolate berry flavour. Elderberry can be used in the kitchen, and is also renowned for its health benefits, perfect to help you through the cold and flu season.

Like everything we make, Ashbolt Elderberry is free of additives, artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. We're committed to sustainable, organic farming and use only pristine highland water from the Derwent River. 100% natural. 100% Tasmanian.

Ingredients: Fresh Elderberries, Sugar and Water.

What are the uses for Elderberry Syrup?

The intense colour and flavour Elderberry brings to any dish is the greatest attribute in the kitchen, and is also responsible for its high levels of antioxidants and flavanoids.

For meat - as a glaze on roast or barbeque meats – duck, lamb, beef, pork; in stews, shanks or Bolognese.

With desserts - drizzle over cheesecakes, ice cream, yoghurt; macerate fresh fruit – strawberries, raspberries etc; pour on pancakes or crepes; in a sorbet or jelly; with apple or pear tart or crumble.

For non-alcoholic drinks - take neat with crushed ice or top with soda or mineral water. Make into a tea with warm water for a high anti-oxidant pick-me-up. Add fresh cloves or ginger if desired.

With alcohol - add to gin, vodka, brandy or Campari with soda water or tonic water as desired; swirl in a cocktail glass with sparkling wine; marinate chopped strawberries with equal parts elderberry and gin/vodka.

The Health Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberry has a reputation as a "cold and flu" superfood, with its health benefits acknowledged throughout history and in recent clinical research. Elderberries have long used to treat influenza, colds, coughs and upper respiratory, bacterial and viral infections. And to assist in treating asthma, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, weight loss & irregular bowel activity. More information can be found here.

We don't make any guarantees about the effectiveness of our syrup in treating any ailment. What we can claim is that our Ashbolt Farm Elderberry Concentrates taste great, are delicious in so many ways, and contain concentrated elderberries handpicked from our grove.

Would you prefer Elderberry Concentrate with no added sugar ?

Try our ELDERBERRY CONCENTRATE No Added Sugar (sweetened with grape)

Both of our varieties of Elderberry Concentrate contain the same concentration of elderberries. The only difference is that our original Elderberry Concentrate is sweetened with cane sugar, and our No Added Sugar Elderberry Concentrate is sweetened with grape juice. 

Available in two bottle sizes. The full size 375ml offers the best value and the half size 187ml is perfect for tastings or gifts.

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