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Elderberry and Tarragon Marinade

Made with our gold medal winning olive oil, our new Elderberry and Tarragon Marinade is stunning to baste or drizzle over roasting chicken, duck, turkey.

For vegetarians and vegans it is also matches perfectly with tofu, beans and roasted vegetables.

The favourite use on the farm is for roasting sweet potato and pumpkin. 

All our dressings and marinades are gluten, egg, preservative and additive free.

100% grown and made in Tasmania. 

Minimum order of our 187ml range is 3 bottles. Build your own selection or buy more to save. When you click on the Carton of 12 drop down option, you get 12 bottles, but only pay for 11.

Ingredients: Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Elderberry Vinegar with Elderberry Concentrate, Orange Rind, Raw Sugar, Tarragon, Allspice, Pepper and Salt

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