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Ashbolt First Harvest (GOLD)

Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2019 Release Champion at Australian International Olive Awards - SOLD OUT

2020 Release - Harvesting Now - AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS

Our signature, limited edition, early harvest extra virgin oil is the essence of Ashbolt Farm.  The 2020 First Harvest is the latest release from Ashbolt Farm's continuous history of highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There are over 6kg of early harvest olives in every 500ml Bottle, hand-selected by Master Craftsman and Owner - Robert Ashbolt

Cool climate olive oil is distinguished by higher polyphenols and flavanoids, which make the taste so distinctive and are so good for you.

This vivacious and vibrant olive oil captures our fruit at their freshest and most intense flavour and when the health-giving properties of extra virgin are at their highest.  Bottled within hours of harvest to ensure optimal freshness.

With green olive fruit characters, herbaceous aromas, its grassy notes are harmoniously capped with a delightful peppery finish.

Limited Edition Release

Because this is the first pressing from our premuim olive varietals, First Harvest is not sold in store. Our limited edition is only available direct from Ashbolt.

Perfect for pasta, bruschetta, dipping, salads and soups, our Limited Edition will highlight any dish you prepare.

*Our First Harvest oil has a long history of being a Gold Medal Winner, including both the Australian National Olive Awards. Our 2019 First Harvest was awarded a GOLD medal at Hobart Royal Fine Foods Awards (July 2019).

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